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What Is Allintitle & How To Use It?

If used properly allintitle can be a powerful magnet for low competition keywords. The lower allintitle the easier ranking for your site but keep in mind it's not always that simple! Follow this guide to learn how to do proper allintitle keyword research.

Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) Ultimate Guide

Keyword Golden ratio and generally allintitle research will save you from a big hustle. It won't let you do mistakes you usually would when it comes to low competition keyword research. Follow this guide to learn more about KGR and allintitle research.

How To Use Bulk Allintitle Tool

You need to know almost nothing about SEO to use Allintitle keyword tool. We gave our best to make this tool user-friendly. All you need is just a list of keywords and you are ready to go!

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Find hundreds of relevant keywords, question phrases, closely-associated terms, comparison keywords, for any seed keyword, while learning more about your seed keyword difficulty and popularity. Our keyword suggestion tool lets you export your keywords to a CSV file, which you can later import to the KGR bulk checker for further analysis

keywords search volume

Keywords Search Volume

Get access to search volume data provided by Google itself (Up to the last 5 years). Recognize new trends and analyze SERP results. Identify low competition keywords using allintitle operator. With our easily navigable panel you can find easily ranking low competition keywords in just one click.

keywords search volume

Keyword Trends Data

Find low competition keywords and recognize new trends using allintitle operator and KGR method. With KGR the sky is limit, ranking is so easy because of very low to none competition. All you need is a list of keywords allintitle tool will do the rest for you.

keywords trends data

Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR)

The Keyword Golden Ratio is a Keyword Research concept, developed by Doug Cunnigton. The concept is simple but he made the formula accessible by making it simple and nearly foolproof. Learn more about KGR here.

Keyword Golden Ratio

SERP Overview

See Google SERP overview for each keyword with SEO metrics shown for each website found in the SERP. We also show you if the keyword is used in the title tag, meta description or the URL of the site found in the SERP.

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Citation Flow
  • Backlinks
  • Facebook Shares
  • Estimated Visits
SERP Results

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You don’t need to be an SEO expert to use Allintitle keyword research tool. We gave our best to make this tool user-friendly. All you need is just a list of keywords and you are ready to go! Lightning fast web based system. No software to install.

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Geo Local Results

Get your Search Volume, Allintitle, and KGR results for any geolocation/language.

Easy-to-use Interface

Import your keywords and get the results within a minute in an easy-to-use web-based dashboard

CSV Export

Export keyword results into a CSV file to be used elsewhere.

Keywords Search Volume & Trends

Get keywords search volume and Google Trend results for your imported keywords.

SERP Analysis

Get live SERP results for each of the analyzed keywords along with the SEO Metrics for each domain.

Filter Results

Filter results based on different criteria to narrow down your list according to your specific needs.

Pricing Plans

No monthly commitment with our pay-as-you-go pricing plans. You pay only for what you use. Tokens also won’t expire.
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  • 10 Tokens
  • Allintitle Checker
  • KGR Checker
  • Niche Finder
  • Geo-localization
  • Search Volume
  • KW CPC Info
  • SERP Overview
  • KW Research Tool
  • Export CSV
  • History
  • 600 Tokens
  • Allintitle Checker
  • KGR Checker
  • Niche Finder
  • Geo-localization
  • Search Volume
  • KW CPC Info
  • SERP Overview
  • KW Research Tool
  • Export CSV
  • History
  • Support
  • 1500 Tokens
  • 10% Bonus Tokens
  • Allintitle Checker
  • KGR Checker
  • Niche Finder
  • Geo-localization
  • Search Volume
  • KW CPC Info
  • SERP Overview
  • KW Research Tool
  • Export CSV
  • History
  • Support
Best Value
  • 3000 Tokens
  • 20% Bonus Tokens
  • Allintitle Checker
  • KGR Checker
  • Niche Finder
  • Geo-localization
  • Search Volume
  • KW CPC Info
  • SERP Overview
  • KW Research Tool
  • Export CSV
  • History
  • Support

Each token can be used for one keyword import or one SERP lookup or one use of the keyword suggestion tool. Each token costs USD$0.05 and tokens won’t expire.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Allintitle and how to use it?

In short, allintitle is Google Operator that returns a number of websites that use the specific term in their title. To use it you need to type in Google allintitle:keyword. In the screenshot below you can see an example.

As you can see in the above image there are¬†330 websites that use “How to train a dog to roll over”¬†in their title.
Theoretically, the lower allintitle number the better. Still, you should consider other factors, we recommend you to always check first page results and analyze your competition.
Luckily allintitle tool allows you to do that, the option in the tool is called SERP and it will show you detailed stats for the top 10 positions on Google. Just like on the image below:

How can I benefit from allintitle?

It’s pretty much easy to find high paying keywords with low competition using allintitle. Many people use it to find keywords for Amazon affiliate websites. Basically, you can apply it to any niche and rank high even without backlinks.

What Is Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR)?

Keyword Golden Ratio abbreviated as KGR is keyword research method developed by Doug Cunnington. He is an established Internet marketer with years of experience and numerous sites ranked. The main purpose of this method is to find untapped low competition keywords that others have missed out. KGR represents the right balance between search volume and SERP competition. Doug explained it very well in this video. The best thing with KGR keywords is that you can rank for them in a very short time. You don’t even need to build links to get on the #1 page of Google. You probably wondering how it is possible, the explanation is very simple. Since Allintitle result “the number of pages that ranking for a specific keyword” is usually low with the KGR keywords it gives you a lot of room for your website.

How to find KGR Keywords?

Once you select a niche you need to find potential keywords you want to rank for in that specific niche. The best way to do this would be getting a bulk of thousands of keywords using tools like¬†Allintitle Keyword Suggestion Tool. All you need is to enter one broad term related to your niche and our keyword suggestion tool will suggest hundreds of keywords. Simply export those keywords so you can use it later for KGR analysis. Now when you have a list of potential keywords it’s time to calculate KGR and mark off golden keywords.

How to calculate KGR, is there a Keyword Golden Ratio calculator?

As Doug explained in the video above to calculate KGR you will need allintitle number and search volume. To get it simply perform the next query on Google allintitle: Your Keyword this way you will get a number of results. To get search volume use Google Keyword Planner. To calculate it you simply need to divide allintitle with search volume where search volume is less than 250. Note: in such case, we are looking for KGR lower than 0.25. On example, if the keyword has 20 allintitle results and search volume of 90 we would have: 20 / 90 = 0.222 KGR You can see that we got 0.222 the KGR is lower than 0.25. This is pretty much good indicator that we have a golden keyword for which we can rank in a very short time. If the situation was opposite and we got allintitle = 90 and search volume = 20 we would get  90 / 20 = 4.5 KGR it is greater than 0.25 and outside of KGR boundaries, this indicates that keyword is too competitive.

What is the easiest way to calculate KGR for thousands of keywords in one click?

Searching for allintitle and calculating KGR for a large number of keywords can take you days of work even months. Plus Google blocks you after every few allintitle queries and you need to solve a captcha. Just by thinking about solving them gives me a headache. To save you from headaches and waste of your time we created this tool. It gets allintitle numbers and calculates KGR in bulk. Simply sign up on the top of this page and you will get 10 tokens for free (1 token = 1 keyword). All you need is to paste a list of keywords and you will get allintitle + KGR ratio calculated in a bulk. Isn’t that amazing?¬†Testing is totally free!¬†If you need more than 10 keywords you can simply buy more tokens,¬†we charge only $0.04 per keyword/token.

Can I apply the KGR method for keywords with 250+ search volume too?

If you follow common sense you will be able to apply it for keywords that have higher search volume than 250. Let’s say that you found a keyword with a search volume of¬†3600¬†and there are only¬†56¬†sites with that keyword in their title. If you use common sense you can assume that the keyword is worth your effort and easy to rank for since there are only¬†56¬†sites with the keyword in their title.¬†It does not matter that search volume is greater than 250! Just use common sense.

Should I also manually check the competition?

It’s very important that you don’t follow through blindly. Even if the keyword term meets KGR requirements it does not mean that you will rank high just like that. We recommend checking SERP competition manually for every keyword you planning to rank for, We facilitate this for you. In our tool, you will see on the right side of every imported keyword blue button called SERP. If you click the SERP button it will open the top 10 results from Google for that specific keyword. If you don’t have an account navigate to the top of this page and sign up it’s totally free! Using SERP button you will be able to see¬†Domain Authority, Page Authority, Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Number of external backlinks, social signals…¬†for every site that ranks in top 10 google results for the specific keyword. It will also give you an answer to a few questions like¬†“Does keyword exists in the title?”, “Does keyword exists in the meta description?”, “Does keyword exists in the URL?”. Keep in mind¬†those are just basic factors¬†you may want to check the backlink profile for every website and some other metrics. For deeper research, we recommend using external tools like Ahrefs.

How to perform a competitive analysis?

No worries. There are many cases where people didn’t even know some basics yet they ranked simply following KGR method. If someone just starting with SEO the KGR method is ideal, very easy to follow and don’t requires a lot of knowledge. If you want to check such case studies feel free to check¬†Allintitle Youtube channel¬†you will find plenty of them. There is an old good known quote:¬†“Throw it against the wall and see what sticks.”¬†It’s true. You can literally apply it with KGR. Just add a bunch of quality posts, following the rule of quantity something will stick for sure. Even if you are a total newbie the organic traffic will start rolling out.

Can I rank KGR keywords without link building?

Definitely, you can! Since you have long tail keywords with a very few sites competing for, you can easily rank without links. Now imagine if you decide to invest in the link building you will definitely rock it out.

*Disclaimer: Keyword Golden Ratio and KGR are Doug Cunnington’s trademark and any mention of them by is only for informational purposes and¬†to refer to Allintitle/SV ratio. is a full-fledged keyword research tool which (as one of its many features) provides bulk check for [Search Operators / Search Volume] ratios including [Allintitle/SV] which is referred to as Keyword Golden Ratio or KGR by some users. is not in any form affiliated with Doug Cunnington, and does not teach, recommend or encourage use of KGR method.

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