People Also Ask Tool
People Also Ask Tool

Explore the Curiosity of Your Audience with Our Advanced ``People Also Ask`` Feature

Dive deep into the questions your target audience is asking. Our People Also Ask tool provides you with the pulse of search trends, enabling you to find real-time questions that people ask for any search term not only from Google but from Bing/Yahoo, with search volume info and for any geo-location and language combination. Ideal to craft content that resonates, engages, and correctly address the search intent of the user.

An Award-Winning Tool

Utilize our acclaimed SEO toolkit, including the People Also Ask tool, celebrated for precise keyword insights and recommended by top SEO experts for capturing the latest search trends

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Real-time Data

Real-Time Intelligence into Questions People Ask

Stay ahead with the latest questions that people are asking about any topic or brand, utilizing live data from Google’s and Bing/Yahoo’s “People Also Ask” features. Our PAA tool goes beyond traditional keyword research by delivering real-time questions from actual users.’s PAA tool ensures you are always at the forefront of the search landscape, capturing emerging trends and questions as they arise.

  • Real-time data from multiple search engines
  • Spot emerging trends as they happen
  • Discover what people are asking about any topic or brand
  • Gain an edge with insights into live, evolving search trends
  • Capture and leverage emerging questions to stay ahead in your industry
Supporting All Locations and Languages

Access People Also Ask Data Across Any Location and Language

Tailor your PAA research to any specific geo-location and language with our People Also Ask tool. Effortlessly extract PAA data from Google and Bing/Yahoo, ensuring your insights are as localized and relevant as your target audience or location.

  • Extract localized PAA data from major search engines
  • Our PAA tool supports all locations and languages
  • Discover localized questions about your brand or topic as asked by audiences in different regions
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PAA Data + Search Volume

Empower Your PAA Data with Keyword Metrics for Every Question

Gain a competitive edge with our People Also Ask tool that not only sources questions but also provides granular keyword metrics like Search Volume, CPC, and Competition data, all tailored to the specific location or language of your choice. Take your analysis further by importing these insights into our bulk checker for a deeper dive.

  • Detailed Search Volume, CPC, and Competition metrics for each PAA question
  • Location and language-specific data for precise targeting
  • Import keywords to our bulk checker for granular analysis
  • Strategize with confidence using localized, actionable metrics
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Interactive Question Mapping & Data Views

Dynamic Visualization Modes and Flexible Export Options

Visualize the interconnections between PAA queries with our advanced relational visualization mode, or opt for a crisp, clear table view for straightforward data analysis. Enhance your reporting and sharing capabilities with the option to export data to Excel and CSV files, or download the visualizations directly as images.

  • Choose between relational visualization and table view modes
  • See the big picture or focus on the details
  • Export data to Excel and CSV for comprehensive analysis
  • Download visualization images for easy sharing and reporting
SERP Results
Create Keyword Lists

Aggregate PAA with Keywords from Our Other Tools

Consolidate your keyword research with our centralized keyword list feature. Seamlessly add your PAA keywords or other keywords from any of our interconnected tools into organized lists, allowing for efficient retrieval and further analysis. This integrated approach ensures that your valuable keyword finds are stored, managed, and ready for deeper exploration whenever you need them.

  • Add PAA questions to unified lists for a consolidated view
  • Merge findings with keywords from our other tools for comprehensive analysis
  • Organize and store all your research in one accessible location
  • Revisit, export, or analyze your saved keywords whenever necessary
Keyword Golden Ratio
Let the Numbers Speak

Trusted by Thousands: Your Go-To Keyword Research Suite

Allintitle is recognized among the top 15 keyword research tools by G2, reflecting our consistent performance and user trust. Our client base is expanding, thanks to the robust set of tools we offer. Beyond the People Also Ask tool, our platform includes SERP Tracking, Keywords Gap, KW Explorer, Niche Tracker, Writer Assistant, and Backlink Gap Tool among the others. These interconnected tools are designed to provide in-depth SEO and keywords insights, helping users plan and execute better digital marketing campaigns.

Active Users

Pricing Plans

Explore our competitively priced subscription plans, offering a full suite of SEO tools, including advanced PAA insights from multiple search engines with keyword metrics, not just raw PAA data. Prefer flexibility? Choose our pay-as-you-go option with no monthly fees and non-expiring tokens, detailed in our pay-as-you-go pricing table on this page.

Here is how tokens can be used:

  • Bulk Checker (Allintitle and KGR bulk checker) – 1 token per keyword
  • KW Explorer – 2 tokens per search
  • People Also Ask – approximately 1-5 tokens per search, per search engine
  • Ranking Gap – approximately 1-15 tokens per competitor, depending on how many keywords they have
  • Backlink Gap – approximately 1-15 tokens per competitor, depending on how many keywords they have
  • SERP Tracker – subscription only
  • Writer Assistant – 1 token to start an article and 2 tokens to access each of the keyword tab, competitive tab, SERP and plagiarism tabs

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