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Free Keyword Finder Tool To Unearth 1000s of Long-tail Keywords

Our KW Explorer is a free keyword research tool that pulls real-time keyword data from various sources, including Google Auto Suggest, Bing/Yahoo Auto Suggest, Google Ads, Bing Ads, YouTube, Amazon, Quora, etc. It also provides LSI keywords using our proprietary Latent Semantic Indexing keywords finder. With two clustering features (lexical and entity-based) and search volume, search intent, and other keyword metrics, our KW Explorer is perfect for unearthing thousands of relevant long-tail keywords in real-time and for free.

An Award-Winning Leader in Keyword Research

KW Explorer, an integral part of our SEO toolkit, is renowned for its advanced keyword research capabilities. It’s a tool loved by thousands of users for its effectiveness in keyword discovery and analysis.

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Full-Fledged Keyword Finder Tool

Unearth Long-tail Keywords from Multiple Sources

Discover thousands of long-tail keywords gathered from a variety of valuable sources, providing you with a wide array of keywords for your SEO and content strategies.

  • Diverse Sources: Keywords aggregated from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more.
  • Long-tail Focus: Uncover niche, specific keywords for targeted strategies.
  • Real-time Data: Access the most current keyword information.
All Important Keyword Metrics

Get Search Intent, Search Volume and Other Keywords Metrics

Get detailed insights into search intent, search volume, CPC and Competition and other essential keyword metrics to help you choose the keywords that best fits your content strategy needs.

  • Search Intent: Know the user's purpose behind each keyword.
  • Search Volume: Gauge the popularity and potential traffic.
  • Valuable Metrics: Access comprehensive data for informed decisions.
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Cluster Keywords with Cutting-Edge Technology

Revolutionary Lexical and Entity-Based Clustering

Utilize our two unique clustering engines, Lexical and Entity-based, to categorize and understand keywords in depth, helping you better plan out your content strategy.

  • Lexical Clustering: Group by linguistic similarities.
  • Entity-Based Clustering: Organize based on semantic relationships.
  • Improved Analysis: Benefit from sophisticated keyword categorization.
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LSI Keyword Generation

Proprietary Advanced LSI Keywords Finder

Leverage our proprietary engine to find LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords, ensuring your content is comprehensive and SEO-optimized.

  • Contextual Keywords: Enhance content relevance.
  • Improve Ranking Potential: Optimize for what search engines are already ranking high.
  • Unique Technology: Benefit from our exclusive LSI finder.
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Flexible Keyword Management

Export, Bookmark, and Further Analyze

Effortlessly manage your keywords by exporting, bookmarking, or importing them into our Bulk Checker for further in-depth analysis.

  • Export Options: Conveniently export data to Excel/CSV files.
  • Bookmarking: Save important keywords for later.
  • Bulk Analysis: Select keywords and send them our Bulk Checker for father analysis
  • Lists: Aggregate keywords by selecting them and adding them to a list.
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Comprehensive SERP Analysis

SERP Analysis Plus Keyword Difficulty and Popularity

Get a detailed overview of SERP for each keywords along with difficulty and popularity metrics to better understand the competitive landscape for each seed keyword you want to target.

  • SERP Insights: Understand the search engine results landscape.
  • Difficulty Metrics: Evaluate how challenging ranking may be.
  • Popularity Data: Determine the potential success of keywords.
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Tab into Google Autosuggest Database

Real-time Autosuggest Keywords

Access real-time keywords from not just Google Autosuggest, but also from Bing and Yahoo, ensuring a comprehensive and up-to-date keyword list from what actually being searched on search engines.

  • Multi-Source Suggestions: Keywords from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Real-time Data: Stay updated with the latest search trends.
  • Broad Coverage: Alphabetical keywords, question terms, prepositions, etc.
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Numbers Don't Lie

Empowering Thousands: A Trusted Keyword Research Suite

As part of Allintitle’s comprehensive suite, KW Explorer stands out for its effectiveness in keywords discovery. Trusted by a growing user base, it plays a crucial role in driving successful SEO campaigns and content marketing strategies.

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Pricing Plans

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Choose from’s affordable monthly plans or flexible pay-as-you-go options, both offering a comprehensive suite of SEO tools including KW Explorer. Find detailed pricing and features in the following table.

Here is how tokens can be used:

  • Bulk Checker (Allintitle and KGR bulk checker) – 1 token per keyword
  • KW Explorer – 2 tokens per search
  • People Also Ask – approximately 1-5 tokens per search, per search engine
  • Ranking Gap – approximately 1-15 tokens per competitor, depending on how many keywords they have
  • Backlink Gap – approximately 1-15 tokens per competitor, depending on how many keywords they have
  • SERP Tracker – subscription only
  • Writer Assistant – 1 token to start an article and 2 tokens to access each of the keyword tab, competitive tab, SERP and plagiarism tabs

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