What is Allintitle and how to use it?

In short, allintitle is Google Operator that returns a number of websites that use the specific term in their title. To use it you need to type in Google allintitle:keyword. In the video below you can see an example.

As you can see in the video there are 303 websites that use "How to train a dog to roll over" in their title.
Theoretically, the lower allintitle number the better. Still, you should consider other factors, we recommend you to always check first page results and analyze your competition. Luckily allintitle tool allows you to do that, the option in the tool is called SERP and it will show you detailed stats for the top 10 positions on Google. Just like on the image below:

SERP image

How can I benefit from allintitle?

It's pretty much easy to find high paying keywords with low competition using allintitle. Many people use it to find keywords for Amazon affiliate websites. Basically, you can apply it to any niche and rank high even without backlinks.